Reasons to Seek Professional Help for Scratch Removal of Hardwood Timber Floors

Hardwood timber floors are tough, however, as time goes by, there is absolutely no getting away from a little wear and tear. In homes with children and pets, scratches are inevitable, even work boots and high-heels can leave small scratches on hardwood floors. Scratches on timber flooring is not the end of world, these can be removed by experienced timber flooring restoration specialists.

Hardwood floors add style and elegance to a home, and when these become worn the luster is lost, but not permanently. While scratches might not be visible at first, over a period of time these become more noticeable and home owners feel compelled to take action. Unfortunately, if scratches are not repaired, these can contribute to permanent damage like cracking and peeling.

Reasons You Need Professional Help for Scratch Removal on Hardwood Floors

While some homeowners like to follow do-it-yourself tips to repair scratches on their timber floors, it is important that the damage is treated professionally. Unfortunately, by attempting to repair scratches and tarnishes on hardwood floors, some people have unknowingly damaged their flooring even more. Thankfully, professionally sanding and polishing your wood floor can not only remove scratches and blemishes, it can restore its lost luster.

Though you can use a soft cloth, some stain pencils and protective coating products available in a hardware store, fixing scratches requires professional skill and tools to ensure that hardwood timber flooring does not become permanently damaged. Below are some good reasons to hire sanding and polishing specialists to help you to remove scratches from your hardwood floor.

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Hardwood Flooring Advantages

When people are out looking for a home to purchase, having a hardwood floor in a home is a ‘big’ advantage because it naturally appeals to buyers. Basically, it is a feature that adds to a home’s value and it can be the very factor that influences the decision to buy the home. That being said, maintaining hardwood flooring has many other advantages.

If you don’t already have hardwood flooring in your home, or you are in the market to buy a home and are considering a home that has hardwood flooring, then you will appreciate all of the advantages that come with it.

Numerous Hardwood Flooring Advantages

Most people would readily agree that wood flooring has it’s benefits, but rarely does anyone sit down and consider what these all are. If you would like to know, then here are some of them listed below.

Adds class to a room – hardwood floors are timeless, the very nature of the material has a natural calming effect on humans, and, hardwood floors are an absolute must have feature for classy home interior design themes.

Improves with age – as time passes, and wood floors are maintained by polishing and treating these with protective coating, the classic aged shine look is achieved.

Lasts a lifetime – good timber can last hundreds of years and more if maintained, which makes timber a very long-lasting material that only gets better with age.

Healthy flooring material – its proven that organic flooring material such as timber has a non-electromagnetic property that actually attracts less dust. So, with less dust means less allergens that cause allergies.

Hardier than laminated floors – compared to manufactured laminated floors, timber floors are less prone to damage from heavy objects dropping on them.

Naturally comfortable – when comparing any other hard flooring material, a hardwood floor is more comfortable when you sit or lay on it. That is why pets choose to lay on them.

For people who appreciate the natural features and aesthetic look of timber flooring, maintaining its polished shine is a must, as it will preserve the wood and the value it adds to the property. For new home buyers that have inherited a wood floor, restoring it can make it look like new, and that can transform a room into a classy space.

If you are seeking a professional timber floor restoration service, to restore old wood flooring, then MAB can help. Our highly trained team of wood floor restoration specialists will sand, seal, and polish your timber flooring to look like the day it was laid down. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation and inspection of your timber flooring.

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Timber Flooring versus Laminate Flooring: Why Timber Flooring is Better

Selecting the right kind of flooring can be confusing, as there are so many choices available, each having its own pros and cons. In many cases, property owners solely rely on building contractors to choose the type of flooring material and the quality for them, with the most popular flooring installed in homes today being timber flooring and laminate flooring.

To make the best educated decision, property owners could benefit from a step-by-step comparison between timber and laminate flooring, to decide on what will not only look better in their home, but to determine which type will stay that way for years to come?

Comparison between Laminate and Timber Flooring

Visual appearance – it is probably the most important feature on the list. Most homeowners gravitate to the natural, rustic wood-look. However, laminate flooring can look just like timber, from a glance. Here are some things to consider between the two.

Timber: For obvious reasons, nothing can truly compare with the natural hardwood look and feel of ‘real’ timber. Its natural appearance is sought after for every kind of interior design. Basically, it’s beautiful and timeless.

Laminate: While some flooring, at first glance, may appear to be timber, it isn’t. Low quality laminates look obviously artificial, although, high-end laminate flooring can look like real timber, but it can never have the same texture or achieve the finish that original timber can have.

Durability – this is important because flooring repair and maintenance can be costly, especially as years go by, so careful consideration of the type of flooring now can spare property owners from regretting not choosing a hardier flooring material in the beginning.

Timber: Hardwood is naturally resistant to wear and tear. Although, untreated timber is susceptible to scratching, most floor professionals offer treated timber floors that can resist moisture and scratches better. Ultimately, if cared for properly, timber floors can last forever.

Laminate: It is prone to wear and tear, but it is easy to clean. However, unlike wood flooring, it cannot be repaired and resurfaced to look like new again. Because of that, it can’t be expect to last very long, especially if laminate flooring is in a high traffic area.

Price – this is always a concern, especially when one is under a tight budget. However, it is critical to consider costs in the long-run, such as taking into consideration the life span of the flooring and the estimated repair and maintenance costs. In this regard, laminate flooring is cheaper than timber flooring, but it will not last as long.

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Parquet Floor Maintenance Guide

Parquet flooring has a warm feeling to it, smooth, stylish, and it is a preferred flooring choice for homeowners across the country. It effortlessly complements every décor style, and does not require an extensive maintenance program to keep it looking its best. Parquet is naturally resistant to most types of damage, but if you want to keep this flooring type looking like new, for years to come, then this simple parquet floor maintenance guide will help.

General Care for Parquet Flooring

Taking care of parquet flooring requires a standard vacuum cleaner, a sponge mop and a broom. While you can use the broom every day to clean dust off its surface, sponge mopping can be used a few times in a week, but it is not recommended everyday. Using water every day on parquet floors can slowly erode, and remove the sealant that is applied which gives it an attractive gloss-like surface.

By sweeping the floor regularly, and wet mopping it occasionally, keeping the parquet floor free from any kind of abrasive material that people may step on prevents damaging its surface. Another way to clean any cracks and gaps in the floor surface is to use a vacuum cleaner, just make sure that the vacuum cleaner that you do use has a hard floor setting, otherwise, the floor’s surface will get scratched because of the rotating brush.

Day to day cleaning is good for keeping dust and dirt off the floor, but every once in a while, after it is wet mopped, you should treat the surface with special cleaning agents that protect the flooring from staining caused by accidental food and liquids spills. Although, many such cleaning products are found in hardware stores, local flooring specialists may sell higher-end products that provide better results, such as floor coating.

However, sealants and coating should only be used after the flooring’s surface has been thoroughly clean, or better, lightly sanded to expose the parquet to the sealant and coating, for long-lasting benefits.

Professional Parquet Floor Maintenance Services

It’s true, maintaining parquet and wood flooring can be a chore, especially if it is a large area. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the trouble of cleaning and maintaining your floors by yourself, to get them to look like new again because MAB Timber Floors offers parquet floor maintenance services.

At MAB, our wood floor specialists use the best coating products, and sealing methods to get quality results, every time your flooring is cleaned. We specialise in sanding, polishing and restoring all types of wood flooring for residential properties, commercial building and schools.

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Sanding Wood Floors: The Floor Sanding Process

An elegant timber-inlaid floor exudes classic appeal, but some refinement has to be carried out before this organic glow can be properly realised. A floor sanding process is employed with this express intent. The sanding work carefully wipes away coarse graininess and releases the natural beauty locked within the ageless hardwood. The goal is to smooth out rough patches and restore a splinter-free finish, to add atmosphere and value to the home, so how should this sanding process proceed?

Restore the Flooring to its Former Glory

Like the aged lines on an old man’s face, wooden cracks and dulled surfaces detract from the organic allure that once inhabited the timber. Powerful upright sanding machines remove this filth-ridden coating to reveal the hidden splendour underneath. Evaluate the grain of the wood and the floor patterning before using one of these potent machines. Next, depending on the employed sander, fit a grit pad that levels the floor. This base cutting grain is like an eraser, for it wipes away all rough edges.

Adopt a Progressive Sanding Strategy

It’s unlikely that a professional floor sanding process will ever conclude with a single pass. The first pass uses the roughest grit pattern to clean out ingrained dirt and smoothen fine cracks. This is where a progressive approach sorts the professionals from the wannabes. A second pass uses a finer grain sanding pad, a third pass employs an even finer grain, and a potential fourth circuit around the timber flooring ensures every irregular surface is fully smooth, like silk. Of course, in between each pass, the assisting technician vacuums away the sanded waste, thus leaving the surface free and ready for the next leg of this repeatable sequence.

Follow-up with Final Surface Preparations

Smaller sanders work around radiators and floor edges, so it’s crucial that this work proceeds in such a manner as to seamlessly integrate this perimeter work within the main field of the work area. Finally, use a buffer to bring out the polish in the flooring. A final vacuuming circuit would also benefit this latter phase, as would a close-up look at floorboard joints where accumulations of sawdust may be trapped. Use a tool to release these deposits.

In bookending the floor sanding process, do any and all prep work before beginning. Cover chairs and exposed surfaces in tarps or sheets of plastic. Wash the floor clean of dirt. The choice at this point is to leave the floor as-is or to stain it and really release the wood grain.

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Timber Floor for Gymnasiums: Why Is It Better?

At the moment of victory, it is the timber flooring of the gymnasium, in the background, that adorns the winning game picture that will sit atop the mantelpiece. It’s true, the timber floor for gymnasiums is one of the most iconic, yet seldom appreciated, aspects of life growing up around sports, and continues to be for adult sports enthusiasts.

With that said, managers of gymnasiums have a big obligation being stewards of the timber flooring in their gyms, to meet the public’s expectations and for the benefit of those who use it. Although, the hardwood used in most gyms’ flooring are Maple or Oak, other wood varieties are used. However, no matter what hardwood is used, nothing is better than timber’s well maintained and polished shine, it’s timeless.

A Polished Timber Floor for Gymnasiums is the Best

While concrete is definitely the strongest flooring available, and is used extensively outdoors for areas designated for sport use, these aren’t the best for people because running and jumping on concrete is hard on the body, while timber flooring is not. Basically, it is much the same as jogging on the earth is better than jogging on the paved road, it’s just better for you.

However, aesthetically, a timber floor for gymnasiums is the best, as it not only sparkles when polished professionally, but the atmosphere it provides is one that inspires athletic excellence and evokes fond memories in those who have life experiences around gyms growing up.

Unfortunately, timber floors become worn with use, as years pass, it is inevitable that these become damaged. In fact, there are countless ways that timber floors sustain damage, but nearly all these can be repaired with specialised sanding and polishing by MAB Timber Floors Melbourne.

Timber Floor Restoration Specialists

Here at MAB Timber Floors, we not only specialise in professionally sanding and polishing residential wood flooring, cork tiling, and decking, but also commercial grade timber floors used in gymnasiums. Our flooring specialists have the specialised equipment, knowledge, experience and superior products that can restore your flooring to look as good as new.

Whether you just need to maintain the shine on your gymnasium’s timber flooring, to take off all the scuff marks left by shoes and balls, or you have a special event to prepare for and you want your gym to ‘shine’, then contact MAB Timber Floors today. We can help you and your timber floor look good.

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New Home, New Timber Floor: MAB Timber Floors Can Do It For You!

No matter what type of home you are building or what décor you choose to go with, timber flooring is one of your best options. While there was a time when marble and stone flooring out shined as a fashion trend, the timeless appeal of wood flooring never lost its lustre. In fact, today, timber floors have taken centre stage once again among modern interior home design plans.

If you are making home improvements, or completely renovating your flooring, or building a new house, there are multiple reasons why you should consider installing timber as your primary flooring material. Basically, it is durable, easy to install, complements any interior, looks classy, and requires only a little maintenance.

Why should you renovate flooring?

As years pass, and from heavy use or misuse, timber tends to look worn, sometimes leaving rough and broken edges due to physical damage done by heavy furnishing. Thankfully, these can be repaired by sanding and polishing. Professional timber floor restoration services are available through MAB Timber Floors that can revitalise any tired wood flooring.

At MAB, we are very proud of the level of quality service we provide to our valued clients, which is one of the main reasons for our continued success over the years. Basically, we aim to please, no matter the size of the job, our clients are never disappointed by our highly trained team of timber restoration specialists. Once restored, timber flooring needs sealing, especially in geographical areas where humidity is high.

For people who appreciate the timeless beauty of timber, it is understood that to maintain its polished look, timber floors need maintaining on a regular basis, deepening on the amount of traffic these receive. That is when wood floor restoration services of MAB are needed, to keep wood floors in a perfect state elegance.

MAB is Your Timber Flooring Expert

Whether you have an older floor that needs the timber restored and repaired, and you want to have it maintained regularly, or you want to install a new timber floor in the kitchen, bathroom or other room in the house, then we are happy to help you.

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Cork Flooring Sanding Services: When and Why?

Cork is a diverse flooring material, and when professionally treated and maintained, it can last many years. However, as beautiful as cork flooring is, just like any type of quality flooring, there are times when it gets damaged and worn with use. That is when professional cork floor sanding services are needed.

Although cork flooring is durable, it does get damaged and will eventually show signs of wear as years pass, especially in large households. Thankfully, if cork floors are damaged, they can be repaired, sanded and treated to look like new again. However, the best thing to do is to avoid situations that can damage cork flooring.

To help in this regard, here are a few of the most common culprits to watch out for:

  • Moisture Damage – Because it consists of flexible air pockets, moisture that is allowed to seep under your cork flooring can cause it to expand, potentially causing cracks and unevenness.
  • Impact Damage – Treated with a polyurethane sealant, cork flooring can easily endure the weight of furniture and appliances, however, heavy pointed objects can noticeably damage your flooring. Things like high-heeled shoes, aggressively moving or sliding the refrigerator, or other large furnishings.
  • Damage from Improper Use – There are some places not recommended for standard cork flooring use, such as the basement and in bathrooms, however, if properly installed and caulk around the edges, floating-floor cork designs are recommended. Otherwise, moisture can find its way through old or poorly applied caulking. Installing baseboards to avoid any moisture from penetrating underneath the cork flooring would remove any concerns.

If you notice any damage to your cork floor, such as dents, unevenness, cracks, or deep scratches, not to worry, all of these are repairable by professional cork floor sanding services.

Benefits of Cork Flooring Sanding Services

Here at MAB Timber Floors, we not only specialise in cork floor polishing and sanding, but other wood based flooring as well, such as timber flooring and decks. When you notice dents, scratches, cracking or uneven areas on your cork flooring, we can skillfully sand and polish it to look like new again.

When your flooring is worn and weary, and you want to make it look like new again, call MAB Timber Floors – dedicated floor sanding and polishing professionals.

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Decking Design Benefits of Hardwood Timber Flooring

When creating a deck for a home, one of the most important considerations is what type of flooring will be ideal for it. Homeowners have a wide assortment of choices today that include synthetic and composite materials, softwoods such as pine and hardwood options. The last option attracts the attention of numerous homeowners since hardwood timber flooring provides an earthy appearance and ambiance to any decking design. If you are in the midst of creating your own deck plans, read on to learn all the benefits of installing hardwood as your deck floor.

1. Indigenous Species Are Readily Available in Australia

Indigenous species of hardwood are plentiful throughout Australia, and many are ideal for decking. Redwood, jarrah, red gum, ironbark, spotted gum and blackwood are examples of what grows throughout this country in the way of hardwoods. Today, most of the hardwoods come from sustainable sources.

2. Hardwoods Provide a Higher Durability Than Softwoods

Hardwoods have a higher durability in comparison to pine and other softwoods. All hardwoods resist scratching, marring and insect infestations. When you install this type of timber for your deck flooring, it will last for years of daily use without the need of extensive repairs or replacement.

3. Hardwood Timber Offers an Earthy Ambiance and Appearance

Hardwood timber flooring offers an earthiness to your deck that is difficult to replicate with other materials. The grain shows through in intricate detail, even when you apply stain or another protective coatings. You can vary the position of the boards when a unique layout is your goal.

4. You Can Sand and Seal It

If your hardwood flooring starts to show wear, you can sand it smooth once a again and apply another coat of sealer without negatively affecting the durability of the flooring. You should perform this periodically throughout the life of your hardwood deck floor to ensure it maintains its rich appearance and warm ambiance.

5. Little or No Maintenance

Other than sanding and sealing your hardwood flooring when necessary, it requires little, if any, maintenance. Remove leaves and other debris whenever the need arises. Other than this, a rinse with clear water will do it until it calls for another application of sealer or stain.

Whenever your hardwood timber flooring on your deck requires professional sanding and polishing, contact us here at MAB Timber Floors. We help you enjoy the richness and durability of a hardwood floor on your deck by sanding the timber as smooth as possible before we apply deck oil, stains or other types of finishes to enhance its durability and appearance.

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Outdoor Decks and Patios Design Using Hardwood Timber Flooring

Australians are people who enjoy communing with nature. They even set up their homes with outdoor decks and patio design options in order to enhance their outdoor experience on their own property. One option that provides a special ambiance and richness to these areas is the installation of a hardwood timber flooring. Numerous types of hardwoods that stand up well throughout the various weather conditions that occur in Australia during the year are available today. Pair one with your preferred layout of a deck or patio, and you will create the ideal oasis on your property.

Various Configurations of Outdoor Patios and Decks

The choices of configurations for outdoor patios and decks are limitless. These design elements come in rectangular, circular, square, octagonal and irregular shapes along with small and large sizes. Just select the size and shape that suit your property in the most favourable manner.

Types of Hardwood Available

You can select from a wide assortment of hardwood timber flooring for your variation of the outdoor decks and patio design options that are available currently. Each type of hardwood has its own unique characteristics. Read the following sampling of hardwood choices available in Australia to learn additional facts.

  • Spotted Gum is a durable, low-tannin, dense timber that comes in variations of brown tones. In addition, it is an eco-friendly choice since it often grows on timber farms or plantations throughout Australia.
  • Treated Pine is the most affordable option of the hardwoods, but you must pay attention to the rating of this timber, though, since not all of it is ideal for outdoor use.
  • Teak is the top-performing hardwood on this list, but it comes at a high price. If you are designing a deck or patio on a limited budget, you may need to consider one of the other options.
  • Jarrah is another expensive hardwood that performs well outdoors. Homeowners cherish its unique colouring that can range from light brown to reddish tones. On top of this, jarrah is durable and fire resistant, which makes it a safe choice for homeowners.
  • Merbau is a popular hardwood for decking since it is highly attractive, durable and affordable. This timber choice also is insect and rot resistant.

Provide a Professional Finish to Your Outdoor Timber Flooring

Once the contractors build your choice of outdoor decks and patio design plans with your preference of hardwood timber flooring, hire MAB Timber Floors to place a professional, protective finish on it. We are experts at sanding, polishing and finishing all types of wood flooring for inside and outside your home.

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