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Benefits of Timber Floor Restoration and Preservation

Timber floors always look better than concrete floors, in most cases, because timber naturally looks more pleasing to the eye. Timber also gives emits a wonderful eccentric, and classy ambiance which people are drawn to, its natural earth colour has a calming effect that is well-known throughout the world.

Unfortunately, even the highest quality timbers deteriorate and get damaged overtime, especially if used frequently and not properly cared for. However, well maintained timber floors can last for generations, and even worn timber flooring can be revived and preserved with professional timber floor restoration.

The Benefits of Timber Floor Restoration and Preservation

The benefits of timber floor restoration and preservation definitely includes cost saving, since you do not have to buy new timber replacements. This avoids the instances of out-of-place timbers that look different from the rest. Timbers that are out-of-place have variance in colour, texture and lines. Sometimes, it is hard to find an exact type of wood with the same characteristics, since most timbers are sold by batch from the same trees.

This restoration process also preserves the nostalgic feeling of your timber flooring that is lost due to wear, especially if you have lived in a home for decades. Having the very same timber floor restored, making it look like the day it was installed, is a wonderful benefit, something to be proud of. Many timber floors today are inherited from parents or even ancestors, in this way they keep memories alive, and secure a piece of family history within a house.

There are three major processes for the restoration and preservation of timber flooring; depending on the type wood and condition of the timber floor. The major processes include:


This is the process of emptying the room of all furniture, and then prepping it by removing any nails. And then, the any appliances nearby must be covered to protect them from dusts and wood finishing compounds that may or may not be used.

Floor Sanding

This is where a floor sanding machine is often used, however, manual sanding may be done depending on the type of timber and it’s condition, then expert timber floor restorers will plane the floor level.

Staining and Polishing

This is the finishing stage, after sanding and wiping the floor has to be polished, and then different kinds of polish can be used to get the desired results that will make your timber floor shine like new again.