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Best Timber Flooring Services in Victoria

Nothing compares to the beautiful look of freshly renewed and polished timber flooring. There is an authentic ambiance when old, dry timber is restored. Even newly laid solid timber floors do not measure up to the genuine feeling of restored timber floors.

Whether you have a Victorian home or a modern house, you cannot go wrong in restoring timber floors. And aside from increasing the value of your home, timber floors restoration will add depth and natural beauty to your floor.

Timber Flooring Benefits

Aside from the striking aesthetics, restoring timber floors has a surplus of benefits. One of the main advantages of restored timber flooring is reduced maintenance. The floorboards are a lot easier to clean because the sanding and polishing give it is much smoother surface. In addition, there is less concern with poor hygiene because food and dust particles are not logged into the cracks and crevices.

A well maintained floor is more durable and will extend the life of your flooring. Sanding and polishing timber floors also prevents possible hazards such as splinters and renews stained wood caused by pets or spills.

The Timber Flooring Process

The wood restoration process can include sanding and polishing. Sanding can remove scratches and loose wood like splinters, reclaim damaged wood and get rid of stains. It is a great way to renew your timber floors without completely refinishing them. On the other hand, polishing your timber floors will drastically reduce maintenance and cleaning, add a durable protective layer and give your floors a clean, fresh look.

MAB Timber Floors

Sanded and polished timber floors are always trendy. And when done by MAB Timber Floors, the wood flooring will be transformed into a striking focal point of your home. Their professional team can help you determine if your timber floors need sanded, polished or both.

In addition, the only work you have to do is decide what color of stain or varnish you prefer. For example, if you are renovating or adding a new kitchen, the team of experts will pre-sand around the edges so the area is smooth for the skirting team. That way the skirtings and kickers sit better and look tidier. When your kitchen is finished, the MAB team returns to do the sanding and polishing. What is more, the highly respectable crew even removes the saw dust from the floor.

At MAB Timber Floors, we have the experience and expertise to do the job right the first time. Our sanding experience alone includes old traditional timber flooring, new timber floors, deckings, cork tiles and parquetry floors. And when it comes to polishing and coating, we have exceeded the completion in methods of application. We are extremely apt in doing stains, oil and water based applications, polyurethane and even deck oil.

For more information on sanding and polishing timber floors for domestic and commercial establishments, contact our professional team.