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Combining Timber Flooring with Carpeting: Pros and Cons That You Should Consider

There comes a time while renovating a home when the decision about flooring, needs to be made. There is one tricky question most property owners have, and that is to figure out when one flooring type starts and one ends? Some flooring is used in multiple rooms and flows seamlessly from one room to the next. However, some rooms require different types of flooring material to achieve the desired design theme.

Two of the most common types of flooring material, timber flooring and carpet, often ‘run’ into each other between rooms, such as the kitchen and living room. If done right, combining timber flooring and carpet can complement each other in an appealing way that makes its comfortable to go from one room to another.

When there is a drastic, noticeable, or awkward difference between these two flooring types, it becomes painfully obvious at the point where these meet, such as a doorway between the hallway and a bedroom, or between two open rooms like the living room and dining room.

Pros and Cons of Combining Timber Flooring with Carpeting

Both carpet and timber flooring have their own pros and cons, and these should be considered before making the decision to ever combine them as a transition between rooms.

Carpet – it is comfortable, soft, comes in various heights, and is available in various colours, and it helps to keep rooms warm. However, carpets do get dirty, and frequent vacuuming and cleaning these can be expensive to upkeep, especially when steam cleaning is required.

Timber flooring – adds value to any home, it is aesthetically appealing and matches with nearly limitless design ideas. Also, when timber flooring becomes worn, it can be sanded, sealed and polished to look as good as new. Timber floors are durable, and easy to maintain, all that is needed is simple sweeping and mopping, and only resealing when necessary. The only real downside to timber floors is the cost when compared to most carpets.

Pros and Cons of Combining Carpet and Timber Flooring

The only time timber flooring and carpeting conflict with each other is when long or shaggy carpet is used and awkwardly towers above timber flooring. This draws undesired attention to where these two flooring material join. Ultimately, a smooth or comfortable combination of timber flooring and carpet which does not draw too much attention should have the same height and near the same colour shades.

Combining wood flooring and carpet is nothing new, it can be aesthetically appealing if done ‘right’, and both flooring types are in good condition and clean. It’s much easier to find a carpet cleaning company than it is to find timber flooring restorers, but thankfully, there is a name you can trust if you want to have your timber floor look like new again – MAB Timber Floors.