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Cork Flooring Sanding Services: When and Why?

Cork is a diverse flooring material, and when professionally treated and maintained, it can last many years. However, as beautiful as cork flooring is, just like any type of quality flooring, there are times when it gets damaged and worn with use. That is when professional cork floor sanding services are needed.

Although cork flooring is durable, it does get damaged and will eventually show signs of wear as years pass, especially in large households. Thankfully, if cork floors are damaged, they can be repaired, sanded and treated to look like new again. However, the best thing to do is to avoid situations that can damage cork flooring.

To help in this regard, here are a few of the most common culprits to watch out for:

  • Moisture Damage – Because it consists of flexible air pockets, moisture that is allowed to seep under your cork flooring can cause it to expand, potentially causing cracks and unevenness.
  • Impact Damage – Treated with a polyurethane sealant, cork flooring can easily endure the weight of furniture and appliances, however, heavy pointed objects can noticeably damage your flooring. Things like high-heeled shoes, aggressively moving or sliding the refrigerator, or other large furnishings.
  • Damage from Improper Use – There are some places not recommended for standard cork flooring use, such as the basement and in bathrooms, however, if properly installed and caulk around the edges, floating-floor cork designs are recommended. Otherwise, moisture can find its way through old or poorly applied caulking. Installing baseboards to avoid any moisture from penetrating underneath the cork flooring would remove any concerns.

If you notice any damage to your cork floor, such as dents, unevenness, cracks, or deep scratches, not to worry, all of these are repairable by professional cork floor sanding services.

Benefits of Cork Flooring Sanding Services

Here at MAB Timber Floors, we not only specialise in cork floor polishing and sanding, but other wood based flooring as well, such as timber flooring and decks. When you notice dents, scratches, cracking or uneven areas on your cork flooring, we can skill-fully sand and polish it to look like new again.

When your flooring is worn and weary, and you want to make it look like new again, call MAB Timber Floors – dedicated floor sanding and polishing professionals.