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Dark Hardwood Timber Floors: Tips on What Colour Furniture Should Match

Dark hardwood timber floors make a dramatic statement in your home, regardless of its style. To heighten the effect that these floors have in your house, though, you must add the right colour of furniture to the room. Unless you pay attention to this detail, you can wind up with a dark and drab ambiance in the room instead of a rich, comfortable, attractive one. We provide you with a number of colour suggestions for your furniture in the following facts to solve this dilemma.

White or Pastel Furniture Pieces

One idea for furniture that will be ideal for rooms with dark hardwood flooring is to purchase pieces that contain white or pastel colours. The furniture will stand out clearly against the dark backdrop of the floor while preventing the room from appearing void of light. You can select from solid, floral, geometric patterns and more.

Dark Dining Table With Light-Coloured Chairs

Match the table to the floor colour, but then offset all this darkness with light chairs in oak, tan or beige colours just for three examples of this. You may also reverse it and choose a light coloured table with dark chairs that are the same shade as the floor.

Furniture in Light or Medium Wood Tones Complement Dark Hardwood Timber Floors

Lighten up the room with coffee and end tables in a light or medium tone of wood. Homeowners can always mix types of timber and their tones together as long as the colours do not clash and create an eye-pleasing result. In fact, combining various wood tones throughout the house is a stunning design statement that adds richness and warmth.

Our Idea for Using Dark Furniture With Dark Flooring

If you feel the need to match your furniture exactly to your dark hardwood flooring, the ideal way to do so is to separate the furniture from the floor with a light-coloured rug. Various styles, shapes, colours and patterns are available in quality rugs today.

Brighten the Rooms with Light Wall Paint

On top of the other tips above, brighten the rooms that contain dark hardwood flooring with light-coloured walls. By doing so, you ensure that the rooms look appealingly bright when they contain a dark shade of the flooring.

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