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Quality Floor Sanding And Polishing in Essendon Essendon

MAB Timber Floors offer quality timber floor sanding and polishing service in Essendon and nearby suburbs. If you feel your timber tiles are looking dull or worn out – call us and our team will offer you premium quality floor coating service.

We first sand the surface and then apply an attractive polish to your timber floors in Essendon or any nearby suburbs.

You don’t even have to worry about dust covering up your property, as we only use the latest equipment and advanced technology to ensure minimal dust while carrying out the job.

What is our Process?

Our process of sanding and polishing timber floors involves three stages:


This is the first stage where we prepare the floor for our floor sanding service in Essendon or any nearby suburbs. There are certain things like nails, staples and tacks that can severely damage the sanding machines while in use. Hence, they must be removed before carrying out the sanding work to ensure that no damage is caused to the sander.


Once our site with timber floorboards in Essendon or nearby suburbs is all set, our team starts with the sanding process. With the high-quality machines and extensive experience, we carry out the sanding process with great attention to detail.Sanding the floors remove the irregularities on your wood surface and attain a smooth and even finish.


Once our team is done with the sanding process, we move ahead with our floor polishing in Essendon or nearby suburbs.We have an extensive experience in timber floor polishing of any kind, so depending on your requirements and type of polishing that you want for your timber floors; we will assist you with our services. We can do a gloss, semi-gloss or matt finish for your timber floors – as per your choice.

We use latest sanding and polishing techniques to turn your old and dull looking timber floors into new. You can be relaxed because the end result will retrieve your timber floors, making your property look new and aesthetically appealing.