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Floor Sanding And Polishing South Yarra.

Expert Floor Sanding & Polishing Service in South Yarra

Timber floors are known for adding an element of class and elegance and thus have become increasingly popular in homes across the globe. Investing in timber floors is wise as they are hygienic and easy to maintain. However, lack of proper maintenance causes damage to the timber floor boards due to constant wear and tear.

At MAB Timber Floors, we offer professional floor sanding and floor polishing in South Yarra to make certain that your floor boards stay looking great for years to come.

You need to call the experts at MAB Timber Floors if you find the following signs:

  • Over time, it has became dull and shabby
  • Your floor seems monotonous to you
  • It needs an upgrade
  • You feel the need to add colour and texture
  • Need to protect your timber floor

Proper floor maintenance is crucial, especially in an area with high footfall and where the timber floors are regularly exposed to sand, dirt, pets and high heels. At MAB Timber Floors, we have a team of highly trained and qualified floor sanders and polishers who thrive hard to deliver the best timber flooring solutions in South Yarra and nearby suburbs.

We Specialise in:

  • Floor Sanding
  • Floor polishing
  • Floor coating
  • Timber floor restoration

Our team is trained to the highest standard and are committed to applying the best industry practice in every project we undertake. You can rely on our qualified sanders and polishers to deliver a customised service with unparalleled workmanship. Years of experience in combination with technical know-how make us the ideal choice when it comes to floor sanding and floor coating in South Yarra.

Restore Your Timber Floors In South Yarra To Its Best!

Professional floor sanding and floor polishing can definitely enhance the appearance of your timber floorboards in South Yarra. Regardless, if your floor has become stained, has lost its shine over the years or is damaged due to natural wear and tear, MAB Timber Floors can ensure that your timber floor looks as good as new.

Our team will also remove all the scratches and stains left from furniture and shoes and apply putty to fill in any dents in the floor boards. We are one of the most sought-after companies when it comes to floor sanding in South Yarra. Our professionals will not only deliver the finest job possible, but will also clean up to ensure that your floor looks as new as possible. You can count on us to get the job done right, the first time itself.

We use only the latest machine and high-quality polishing products to provide quality timber flooring solutions that are second to none. Our timber floor sanding and floor coating in South Yarra will certainly amplify the shelf life of your floor boards, making it last longer. We are also responsible for making all the necessary repairs whilst making the surface smooth and apply a quality finish on the floor. We ensure to not use any harmful chemicals, ensuring that our services are safe and eco-friendly.

With us, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, as all our services are accomplished by causing no mess or harm. Moreover, we will clean up after ourselves, ensuring that the floor is ready to use.

What Sets Us Apart In The Industry?

  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • Highest standard of professionalism and workmanship
  • Prompt and quality timber floor sanding and polishing
  • Knowledgeable, friendly and experienced team
  • FREE estimate

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If you are looking for professional floor sanding, polishing and floor coating in South Yarra, ensure to get in touch with MAB Timber Floors. Contact us today at 0407 627 001 to request a FREE quote or make a booking. We can restore your timber floors in South Yarra to its former glory.

Frequently Asked Questions?


MAB Timber Floors we work with a diverse selection of flooring including, solid timber floors, vintage traditional, contemporary timber floors, parquetry floors, cork tiles, deckings, and re-coating to rejuvenate their appearance. Prior to commencing the sanding and polishing process, our team of specialists diligently evaluates the condition of your flooring.


Commencing with a comprehensive evaluation of the flooring condition in your South Yarra residence, our process delves into identifying the specific polishing needs based on type and degree. Following this initial step, advanced equipment is employed to sand the floor, skill-fully eliminating surface scratches and defects. Subsequently, a carefully chosen polishing agent, tailored to your floor type and condition, is applied to achieve a finely polished surface with a smooth finish.


Certainly, we possess the capability. Our skilled experts are trained and well-prepared to tackle intricate endeavours, encompassing commercial floor sanding and polishing. Renowned for providing top-notch services, we have established a robust reputation for delivering quality solutions to businesses in South Yarra and the surrounding regions.