Floor Sanding – Melbourne

There’s nothing better than a timber floor. They’re hard-wearing, naturally beautiful and each one has its own unique character. Over time, however, even the toughest hardwood floor will start to show signs of wear.

If your timber floors are starting to look a little worn, contact MAB Timber Floors – your Melbourne floor sanding and polishing experts.

Sanding and polishing your floors will not only return them to their former glory, but it can also prevent any further or ongoing damage and extend the life of your timber flooring.

Whether you need a new timber floor sanded back before finishing, an old floor restored, or even an outdoor decking brought back to life, we can help. We offer professional floor sanding across Melbourne for any kind of timber floors including hardwood floors, floating floors, parquetry and even outdoor decking.

No job is too big or too small. Whether it’s a small room at home or a large commercial or community space, we can bring the best out of any timber floor.


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    What’s Involved

    Day to day, your flooring will take a beating. Foot traffic, scuffs, scratches, dents, water damage, pest damage and faded varnish can all leave your timber floors looking tired and worn out.

    But we can breathe new life into any timber floor.

    Our team will visit your property for an initial assessment to determine the extent of the work that needs to be done and to provide an accurate quote.

    We use only top-quality, commercial-grade sanding equipment. This machinery not only brings out the best in your floors, but it also ensures that no damage is done to any walls or furniture during the sanding process and minimises dust contamination through the house.

    Our team will work in consultation with you to minimise the disruption to your home or business during the sanding process.

    Once your floors have been perfectly sanded back, we will then thoroughly clean the area ahead of polishing.

    Contact us Today

    If you’re looking for timber floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne, you can’t go past the experts at MAB Timber Floors. Whatever the damage to your floors, we can bring any timber floor back to life efficiently and affordably.

    Give us a call today on 0407 627 001 or contact us online for a free quote or to make a booking.