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Healthy Reasons to Change to Hardwood Timber Flooring

Generally, when choosing a type of flooring, many of us are inclined to consider factors like low maintenance, durability and visual appeal. However, healthy options also play a big element when selecting the perfect flooring. In fact, there are numerous healthy reasons for a homeowner to change to hardwood timber flooring.

Dust Mites

One of the biggest reasons people replace their carpet with hardwood timber flooring is because all carpet harbors microscopic dust mites. In fact, one square meter of standard carpet contains about 10,000 to 100,000 dust mites. Moreover, these tiny creatures live off dead human skin cells that we all shed. In addition, dust mite love carpets because it is the ideal breeding place. Plus, it is the mite’s feces that a person breathes that causes a health issues. Generally, the mite dung can trigger allergies and aggravate a person’s asthma.

Allergens and Dander

Carpets can also be comprised of allergens, pet urine and feces, mildew, mold, lice and flea eggs, high concentrations of harmful dust and traces of waste matter trampled in from the outdoors. However, timber flooring is a natural material that has strong anti-bacterial properties. And unlike carpet, it does not trap and accumulate particles such as dander, nasty parasites or materials that can cause allergic reactions like mold and mildew.

Non-Toxic Materials

Hardwood flooring is non-toxic and quite unreceptive to dust mites, pollens, mold, mildew and other irritants that can worsen bronchial health issues. In addition, timber flooring does not contain toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, VOCs are commonly found in other types of flooring such as carpet and vinyl. As it happens, new carpets emit high levels of VOCs the first 3-4 days after installment plus a slow release over time.

VOCs can be accountable for sinus issues, headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, allergic reactions and a horde of other unpleasant or incapacitating reactions. On the contrary, both newer and well-worn hardwood flooring is VOC-free.

Eco Friendly

Hardwood timber flooring is a natural and sustainable material; making it an Eco friendly option that helps reduce energy bills and insulates the home. As well, timber flooring is very durable and less is wasted on replacement materials. In addition, reclaimed and recycled wood is a popular sustainable option. But regardless of whether you choose reclaimed or new hardwood flooring, it is by far the better option to select when it comes to bettering your health and well-being. And besides, it adds a beautiful aesthetic look to your home.