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How Timber Flooring Works to Bring the Earthly Themed Design into Your Home

Timber flooring has always been known for adding both warmth and beauty to your home. The durability of hardwood floors creates great style for an aesthetic earthly themed design. And with easy care and cleaning, timber flooring makes the ideal section for your home plus adds

Enhances Warmth

Hardwood flooring is ageless. It enhances the warmth of any room and greatly complements your décor. As well, wood flooring accelerates the value of your home. In honesty, many realtors will tell you that a home with hardwood floors sell 90% faster.

The Latest in Design

For one, hardwood flooring never goes out of style. In truth, wood flooring becomes even more beautiful over time. Plus designers agree, earthy themes are one of the trendiest styles in home décor and design.

Wood flooring is about as earthy themed design you can get. Plus, natural tones and hues are extremely versatile when it comes to adding your own personal style. With earth tones there are a wide diversity of natural colors and intensities even in flooring. What is more, you can add accents with shades of cream and off-white for a delicate touch. On the contrary, you can enliven the room with bright colors and magnificent tones and textures.

Ancient Appeal

Wood flooring has a timeless feel and harmonious structure that has ancient appeal. The hues and colors plus the wood grains connect your home with its natural outdoor environment. These restful and warm earth colors vary in shade and intensity. For instance, you can select from a variety of tones strengths from light oak to a deep cherry. In fact, when creating an earthy themed design there are numerous types of wood flooring to choose from. The varieties of design and layouts include many types of wood, various stains and vast patterns to fit individual styles such as straight, diagonal and parquet.

Maintaining your Wood Flooring

Once your new timber flooring is installed it is important to keep the floors looking new. A well maintained floor will be more durable plus it will extend the life of the flooring. In addition, professional services are recommended. Occasional polishing and sanding will renew damaged wood and prevent possible hazards such as splinters. For best maintenance practices or other wood flooring information, contact MAB Timber Floors. In addition, MAB Timber Floors can help you with ideas for an earthly themed design and which type of wood flooring would best fit your needs and desires.