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Light Hardwood Timber Floors: Tips on What Colour of Furniture Should Match These Floors

Light hardwood timber floors provide a quiet, elegance to a home, whether it is traditional, modern, contemporary, and eclectic or another style of house. To enhance the appearance of these floors to the fullest extent, you must understand the type of furnishings and accents that will complement them in a preferable manner. You may wish to play the matching game with similar wood tones or you may opt for medium to dark colours for your furniture and decor pieces. The choice is ultimately yours, but we do offer the following suggestions for a guide.

Choose to Match or Contrast with Your Light Floors

To choose the furnishings that complement your light wood floors, you first must decide whether you wish them to contrast with or match the floors. For example, if you have an oak shade of flooring you may select to use the same shade of coffee tables and end tables. Furnishings of this colouring will blend softly together to provide a relaxing atmosphere. When you seek a dramatic effect, though, add tables in cherry, mahogany or another medium to dark wood tone. Kitchens have a sense of glamour when you install dark cabinetry on a light hardwood floor. You can keep to the tone of the floor if you wish for your benchtops, though, for a visually pleasing effect.

Vibrant or Deep Coloured Cushions Make a Dynamic Statement

Regardless of the colour of the wood in your furniture, choose pieces that contain deep or vibrant coloured cushions to help you make a bold statement in your home. Orange, brown, red, royal blue are just some examples of these colours.

Florals Add Extra Earthiness to the Room

Floral patterns will add an extra earthiness and warmth to your house with its light hardwood timber floors. You can select to have a pastel mix or a rich mix of colours such as purple, red and burgundy along with green leaves in either case.

Decorate the Walls with Medium to Dark Shades

For a complete look, you must choose the right shades for the walls. Medium to dark shades will enhance and bring out the colour of the flooring while light shades will blend well with the light hardwood for a soft effect. Just be certain that the colours that you select do not clash with each other.

Whatever furnishings that you select to place on top of your light hardwood timber floors, ensure that your floors are in ideal condition by hiring MAB Timber Floors to sand and polish them. We are experts in our craft and understand the right methods and products to use on all types of timber flooring to receive the ideal results.