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Most Common Types of Wood Used for Timber Flooring

Wood has always been known for its natural beauty, especially when used for timber flooring, cabinetry and furniture. But when selecting wood for flooring, it is essential that you consider the degree of durability in the different types of wood. In fact, each type of wood has its own unique cellular structure that helps establish suitability for various uses.

For instance, wood comes in a wide array of hardiness. Therefore, certain hardwood species are not suitable for flooring because they are not hard enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

As follows are a few examples of hardwoods, softwoods and tropical hardwoods commonly used for wood floors.


Hardwoods are mostly deciduous trees with broad leaves. They are seed producing plants that reproduce by flowers. Compared to softwoods, hardwoods have a more complex structure. The main difference between a hardwood and softwood is that hardwoods have pores (vessels) that have variable sizes and shapes of perforation plates like spiral thickenings. And as the name suggests, this type of wood is generally harder that other types. Common hardwoods for wood floors include oak, beech, ash, birch, poplar, alder, maple, walnut, pecan and cherry. Species that have the highest levels of hardiness are pecan, hard maple, white oak, beech, red oak, birch, ash and walnut.


Softwoods or conifers have needles and not leaves. This type of wood is the source of about 80% of the earth’s production of timber. Compared to hardwood, the hardiness of softwood is less. However, it has a much smoother surface and no gaps. Softwood timber floors are also lower in cost. Common softwoods for timber flooring are pine, fir, cedar, spruce, hemlock and redwood.

Tropical Hardwoods

Tropical hardwoods are hardwoods not typically found in Europe or North America but in tropical forests. Typical examples are teak, mahogany, wenge, tigerwood and rosewood. This type of hardwood varies greatly in hardiness, grain pattern, color and luster. It is one of the most expensive types of wood flooring but it is also one of the most unique and beautiful.

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