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New Home, New Timber Floor: MAB Timber Floors Can Do It For You!

No matter what type of home you are building or what décor you choose to go with, timber flooring is one of your best options. While there was a time when marble and stone flooring out shined as a fashion trend, the timeless appeal of wood flooring never lost its lustre. In fact, today, timber floors have taken centre stage once again among modern interior home design plans.

If you are making home improvements, or completely renovating your flooring, or building a new house, there are multiple reasons why you should consider installing timber as your primary flooring material. Basically, it is durable, easy to install, complements any interior, looks classy, and requires only a little maintenance.

Why should you renovate flooring?

As years pass, and from heavy use or misuse, timber tends to look worn, sometimes leaving rough and broken edges due to physical damage done by heavy furnishing. Thankfully, these can be repaired by sanding and polishing. Professional timber floor restoration services are available through MAB Timber Floors that can revitalise any tired wood flooring.

At MAB, we are very proud of the level of quality service we provide to our valued clients, which is one of the main reasons for our continued success over the years. Basically, we aim to please, no matter the size of the job, our clients are never disappointed by our highly trained team of timber restoration specialists. Once restored, timber flooring needs sealing, especially in geographical areas where humidity is high.

For people who appreciate the timeless beauty of timber, it is understood that to maintain its polished look, timber floors need maintaining on a regular basis, deepening on the amount of traffic these receive. That is when wood floor restoration services of MAB are needed, to keep wood floors in a perfect state elegance.

MAB is Your Timber Flooring Expert

Whether you have an older floor that needs the timber restored and repaired, and you want to have it maintained regularly, or you want to install a new timber floor in the kitchen, bathroom or other room in the house, then we are happy to help you.