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Parquet Floor Maintenance Guide

Parquet flooring has a warm feeling to it, smooth, stylish, and it is a preferred flooring choice for homeowners across the country. It effortlessly complements every décor style, and does not require an extensive maintenance program to keep it looking its best. Parquet is naturally resistant to most types of damage, but if you want to keep this flooring type looking like new, for years to come, then this simple parquet floor maintenance guide will help.

General Care for Parquet Flooring

Taking care of parquet flooring requires a standard vacuum cleaner, a sponge mop and a broom. While you can use the broom every day to clean dust off its surface, sponge mopping can be used a few times in a week, but it is not recommended everyday. Using water every day on parquet floors can slowly erode, and remove the sealant that is applied which gives it an attractive gloss-like surface.

By sweeping the floor regularly, and wet mopping it occasionally, keeping the parquet floor free from any kind of abrasive material that people may step on prevents damaging its surface. Another way to clean any cracks and gaps in the floor surface is to use a vacuum cleaner, just make sure that the vacuum cleaner that you do use has a hard floor setting, otherwise, the floor’s surface will get scratched because of the rotating brush.

Day to day cleaning is good for keeping dust and dirt off the floor, but every once in a while, after it is wet mopped, you should treat the surface with special cleaning agents that protect the flooring from staining caused by accidental food and liquids spills. Although, many such cleaning products are found in hardware stores, local flooring specialists may sell higher-end products that provide better results, such as floor coating.

However, sealants and coating should only be used after the flooring’s surface has been thoroughly clean, or better, lightly sanded to expose the parquet to the sealant and coating, for long-lasting benefits.

Professional Parquet Floor Maintenance Services

It’s true, maintaining parquet and wood flooring can be a chore, especially if it is a large area. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the trouble of cleaning and maintaining your floors by yourself, to get them to look like new again because MAB Timber Floors offers parquet floor maintenance services.

At MAB, our wood floor specialists use the best coating products, and sealing methods to get quality results, every time your flooring is cleaned. We specialise in sandingpolishing and restoring all types of wood flooring for residential properties, commercial building and schools.