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Pros and Cons of Using Cork Tiles

A home can be a beautiful reflection of the type of people who live there. Things such as colour schemes, interior and exterior décor, and the types of flooring used in and around a home are all aspects that define what a person’s likes. In this regard, flooring is more than just for looks and aesthetic appeal, it is a part of a home that needs to accommodate the type traffic in residential homes or commercial buildings.

One type of flooring material that is growing in use and popularity is cork flooring, as these are becoming an affordable alternative to hardwood floors. Cork provides a very similar colour to that of oak and pine wood flooring, which is why it blends with most interior designs ideas. However, there are pros and cons to cork tiles, and knowing what these are can help you to determine if it’s the best flooring material that will meet your needs.

Using Cork Tiles: Pros and Cons

Maintenance and mending – for people who seek easy maintenance flooring, properly sealed and treated cork tiles are easy to maintain, although, depending on the type of traffic these receive, more frequent maintenance may be needed. Because cork is not as durable as hardwood flooring, it can get scratched and damaged easier when heavy furniture or appliances slide or drop on them.

Fortunately, cork flooring is not only easily repaired, but any repaired damage easily blends into the natural look of the material.

Keeps room temperature – unlike other flooring material, cork floors maintain a room’s temperature. So, when walking barefoot or while wearing socks, it feels warm to touch. However, in areas where the climate is continually hot all year-long, it may keep a room too warm for comfort.

Acoustic properties – eliminates echoing in rooms and hallways, and it removes the heavy sound of footfall that is common in hardwood and tile flooring. This makes cork ideal for use in music rooms, kitchens, and libraries, where sound is an issue.

Durability – while cork tiles do have many benefits, its lack of hardiness, when compared to hardwood flooring, tiles, and concrete, does not make it a recommended flooring choice for industrial buildings, mechanic shops, gyms, or any room where heavy equipment and traffic is common.