Floor Sand And Polish Specialists

Sanding and Polishing Timber Floors: Why Is It Better to Hire Experts?

Timber floors provide an organic ambiance to a house or commercial structure with their unique grain patterns. Before these floors provide the ideal effect, though, they must go through proper procedures for sanding and polishing timber floors. For these procedures, you should hire experts since they sand and polish floors on almost a daily basis. You will receive the following benefits by turning to these experts for their high-quality services.

Experts Will Understand the Correct Procedures and Equipment

sanding and polishing experts will understand the correct procedures and equipment to utilise on whatever type of timber flooring you may have in your house or commercial structure. Using the wrong methods or machinery to sand or polish a timber floor can lead to less than favourable results, and may even damage the flooring.

Pre-sanding Prior to the Installation of Skirtings and Kickers

Experts will arrive at your home or commercial building to pre-sand the flooring to provide workers with a level, smooth floor to work on to install the skirtings and kickers. This will ensure that the skirtings and kickers fit in the proper manner.

Return for Final Sanding After Other Work Is Completed

After the other work has been completed in your house or commercial structure, the experts will then return to perform the final sanding. The experts will sand the flooring to the proper smoothness. No rough places will exist at the end of the sanding process.

Experts Apply the Right Protective Stain or Clear Coating

Experts will know which of the stains or clear protective coatings will bring out the best in your type of timber flooring. After all, they specialise in old and new timber floors, cork tiles, parquetry floors and even decking. Today, polyurethane, water-based coatings, stains, oil-based finishes for floors are available from experts for sanding and polishing timber floors along with deck oil for decking.

Professional Guidance for Caring for Your Timber Floors

Experts also will explain the proper way to care for your timber floors. They will advise you to use mats at the entrances to wipe your feet on before walking on the wood floors to ensure there is no grit to scratch them on your shoes. You also need to dust the floors periodically throughout the week with an anti-static mop to remove dirt and debris. A vacuum may scratch the timber flooring. In addition, if people track water on the wood flooring, remove it immediately with a soft, clean cloth. The experts may have other advice for you on caring for your timber flooring besides what we share here.

The above are all reasons why to hire experts for sanding and polishing timber floors. On top of these reasons, you will receive a guarantee of satisfaction.