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The Advantages of Timber Floors

There are many flooring types available to homeowners today, tile flooring, brick flooring, linoleum flooring, marble flooring or carpet, to name a few. While all of these types are popular flooring choices, mostly because of their abundant availability and particular advantages, the advantages of timber floors is quite often overlooked. Why is that? The reason may be a simple misunderstanding of affordability.

The Advantages of Timber Floors – It’s Affordable Flooring

The main advantages of timber floors are that they are affordable flooring material, especially if you consider the unique differences timber offers compared to alternative flooring such as tile and marble. By understanding these advantageous differences homeowners are better equipped to make the best choice of flooring for their homes.

Here are just a few of the advantages of timber floors:

The appeal of wooden floors – There is flooring, and then there is timber flooring, which is more than just a conveniently inexpensive material that looks nice. Timber’s timeless appeal is without question the reason for its use by the wealthy throughout history. And it never goes out of fashion. Wooden floors were sought-after by nobility and the rich in the past, as well as today, and will be sought-after in the future.

Timber floors have something special, it gives off a warm homey feeling that is not like stone flooring, tile flooring or carpet, and it’s definitely more hygienic than carpets.

Timber floors outshine carpet – Carpets by their very nature are guaranteed to accumulate dirt and other small particles, even microorganisms. It’s true; no matter how much cleaning you do they will attract and hold what falls on them. Timber floors don’t do that. That is why pet owners prefer wood over carpets, it’s easier to clean and will not hold onto musty smells and foul odours caused from spilt beverages, pet urine or spilt beverages like beer. And, they are effortless to clean and maintain. Carpet is just the opposite. Although stone and tile are easier to clean, these still don’t capture the interest of potential home buyers like wood does.

Timber floors sell twice as fast – Estates agents have a secret, they know from statistics that wooden flooring in homes they represent sell twice as fast than do other flooring types such as homes that have installed tile flooring or types of stone flooring. If you plan on selling your home sometime in the future, and you would like a home renovation project that will increase its value and resale ability, then timber floors is an option you need to seriously consider.

The Bottom Line –Timber Floors are The Best

Yes, timber floors cost a bit more than other types of flooring material for good reason, it provides the warmth appeal of a loving home, it is more hygienic and easier to clean and maintain than carpet, and it will help you to resale your home in the future by increasing its value.