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The Importance of Quality Timber Flooring for Schools

Schools require a flooring that is durable under a number of different conditions from the front office to the gym. Students traveling to and from classes, teachers meeting in the office for various reasons, teachers and students eating a meal in the cafeteria, and the students engaging in physical activities in the gymnasium are just some of the events that the school flooring must hold up for while still being attractive. All this is the importance of quality timber flooring for schools.

Elements inside schools need to last for decades, most of the time. Cheap flooring options may be ideal for the building budget of a school when it is first built, but these options will not wear long enough to provide an adequate return on investment. In a few years, the school’s floors will require repairing or replacing. On the other hand, when the school authorities place priority on quality timber floors, the floors easily will last for years. The floors will require only periodic refinishing when they receive the proper maintenance.

The front office must always look inviting for guests, and timber floors help accomplish this task. Natural wood grain shining through the polyurethane finish adds attractiveness and warmth to the office area of the schools. Timber comes in a number of different species, and each one has its own unique grain pattern and colouring. It depends on which timber the school selects whether the flooring is light, dark or in between the two. A fact such as this makes a wood floor ideal to complement the other details in a school office.

The gymnasium or gym is another area of a school where quality timber flooring for schools are important. Since the school utilises this area for other activities besides just sports, the flooring must be flexible in nature. Professionals can sand quality timber extremely smooth to accept the polyurethane coating in the ideal manner. As a result, the floor will provide an excellent surface for students to run, jump, dance, and perform other activities on without slipping or tripping. In addition, it will be easy for the schools to install bleachers and their supports on to provide a place for the spectators to sit during a game or other performance.

The above reasons are just a small sampling of the importance of quality timber flooring for schools. If you are in charge of outfitting your school with floors, consider MAB Timber Floors for wood floors that will last for years.