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Timber Floor for Gymnasiums: Why Is It Better?

At the moment of victory, it is the timber flooring of the gymnasium, in the background, that adorns the winning game picture that will sit atop the mantelpiece. It’s true, the timber floor for gymnasiums is one of the most iconic, yet seldom appreciated, aspects of life growing up around sports, and continues to be for adult sports enthusiasts.

With that said, managers of gymnasiums have a big obligation being stewards of the timber flooring in their gyms, to meet the public’s expectations and for the benefit of those who use it. Although, the hardwood used in most gyms’ flooring are Maple or Oak, other wood varieties are used. However, no matter what hardwood is used, nothing is better than timber’s well maintained and polished shine, it’s timeless.

A Polished Timber Floor for Gymnasiums is the Best

While concrete is definitely the strongest flooring available, and is used extensively outdoors for areas designated for sport use, these aren’t the best for people because running and jumping on concrete is hard on the body, while timber flooring is not. Basically, it is much the same as jogging on the earth is better than jogging on the paved road, it’s just better for you.

However, aesthetically, a timber floor for gymnasiums is the best, as it not only sparkles when polished professionally, but the atmosphere it provides is one that inspires athletic excellence and evokes fond memories in those who have life experiences around gyms growing up.

Unfortunately, timber floors become worn with use, as years pass, it is inevitable that these become damaged. In fact, there are countless ways that timber floors sustain damage, but nearly all these can be repaired with specialised sanding and polishing by MAB Timber Floors Melbourne.

Timber Floor Restoration Specialists

Here at MAB Timber Floors, we not only specialise in professionally sanding and polishing residential wood flooring, cork tiling, and decking, but also commercial grade timber floors used in gymnasiums. Our flooring specialists have the specialised equipment, knowledge, experience and superior products that can restore your flooring to look as good as new.

Whether you just need to maintain the shine on your gymnasium’s timber flooring, to take off all the scuff marks left by shoes and balls, or you have a special event to prepare for and you want your gym to ‘shine’, then contact MAB Timber Floors today. We can help you and your timber floor look good.