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Timber Floor Recoating: Knowing When the Time Is Right

Timber floor recoating is a fresh coat of finish on your hardwood floors. Unfortunately, recoating is oftentimes confused with refinishing. With refinishing you remove the original finish on the floor. Recoating a floor involves retexturing, changing the color of the finish or reapplying the original finish. Generally, flooring is recoated more than once during its lifespan. But knowing when to recoat is important.

Wear and Tear

Over time, flooring will begin to show a lot of wear and tear. Worn patches, scuff marks and scratches become noticeable. Regrettably, the worn surface is unattractive and can depreciate the value of your home. But a simple recoating can make your floors look like new.

Upgrades and Renovations

Timber floor recoating is typically needed when you do any repairs or after any type of renovation. Quite often, home improvements can result in the need for recoating. Either the renovation has created obvious scratches and scuff marks or the coats are mismatched and will need a new finish.

Upgrading your Home

When upgrading your home, it is the opportune time for timber floor recoating. Patching, getting rid of scratches or filling cavities in the hardwood floor are all great reasons for recoating. In addition, recoating timber flooring will restore the luster and remove any discolorations that have collected over time.

Refinishing a Floor

The condition of your flooring plays a big factor in choosing to recoat or refinish. A refinish is needed if the floor has extensive damage, including dents, deep scratches or waxing. Actually, a timber floor should not be recoated if it has been waxed. This is because it will not bond to the existing wax finish.

Basically, some floors are beyond a simple recoating. It will need refinished if there is extensive damage anywhere on the floor. This includes pet stains, UV discoloration around furniture and wear spots caused by heavy traffic. Although it is physically possible to recoat floors like these, the damage will be noticeable.

When to Recoat a Floor

The amount of traffic plays a big part of how often timber flooring should be recoated. This is because hard use will shorten the life of the finish. Generally, it is recommended that you recoat your floors about three years after they were sanded or last recoated. However, exterior doorways and kitchens usually need recoated after one year. If there are visible scratches in the walkways or underneath chairs then the floors probably need recoating.

Caring for Timber Flooring

Taking proper care of your timber floors cannot be overemphasized. Timber flooring that is well maintained will add value to your home, preserve the lifespan, keep it looking beautiful and decrease the number of times it needs recoating or refinishing.