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Timber Floor Stain Removal Services

All timber floors darken, fade or change in color over a period of time. Spills left unattended and exposure to sunlight will also escalate this process. But one of the great things about hardwood floors is that they can be fine-tuned to look like new. In fact, you can bring your hardwood floors back to life with timber floor stain removal services.

Although many floor stains can be removed yourself, it is important to know when to contact a professional. If you are not sure which cleaning procedure is floor safe, then it is best to arrange timber floor stain removal services. Sometimes DIY projects can do irrefutable damage if proper stain removal methods are not taken.

Stains are Underneath the Finish

When stains have gone through the finish and soaked into the wood, it is generally best to contact a professional. These stains can be very hard to remove from timber floors without sanding. Sanding a wood floor requires expertise and a walk-behind floor sander. In addition, you need to know the correct series of sandpaper grades and be able to operate the sander properly. And almost certainly, an edge sander will be needed for doorways and tight corners.

Numerous Stains

Over time, your timber flooring can have various types of stains. And an old stain is the most difficult to remove because it is hard to identify the type of stain. Plus using the wrong cleaning product can damage the flooring.

It really does take an expert to know what method or product should be used for each type of stain. For example, the contents of liquid stains can be acid or protein. Each element reacts differently to cleaning solutions. Deep-seated protein stains like beverages and pet urine require more than just mild soap and water. Although rubbing alcohol might lift out the stain, a wood cleaner is recommended. Even then, knowing which commercial wood cleaner to use can be daunting. And with a bit of research, you can find many recommended homemade cleaners like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and oxalic acid. The problem with any of these homemade methods is that you may damage the floor’s finish.

Contacting a Professional

When it comes to removing stains from your hardwood floors, it is best to contact a qualified timber floor removal specialist. A specialist has the expertise, experience and proper equipment to get your hardwood floors looking beautiful again. Professional hardwood floor services are knowledgeable in the proper methods and products plus they have the right equipment.

Instead of a DIY project that can cause permanent damage to your floors, you can have quality results with timber floor stain removal services. Overall, you save time and money.