Floor Sand And Polish Specialists

Timber Flooring and Decking Services: MAB Timber Floors Is Your Specialist

When in search of a durable, vibrant finish for your timber flooring and deck, MAB Timber Floors is your specialist to accomplish these tasks. Our timber flooring and decking services include sanding, polishing and applying protective finishes to different types of new timber floors and decks, and cork tiles. We also are experts at re-coating old floors and decks to rejuvenate their appearance.

Sanding and Polishing

We sand and polish the timber or cork to the ideal smoothness for the next step of the protective coating. Over the years, our company has dealt with all types of situations, so we understand the correct process of sanding and polishing to create the best results.

Applying a Protective Coating

Once we sand and polish the given area, we apply a protective coating to it. We can apply water-based solutions, polyurethane coatings, stains, oil-based finishes and even deck oil depending on the floor or deck situation as part of our timber flooring and decking services. Our experts analyse your specific needs and recommend the protective coating that is right for your flooring or decking.

We Specialise in Residential, Commercial and School Settings

We provide our services to residential, commercial and school buildings. You will receive the same close attention to detail regardless of the size of your project. Our crews treat all floors and decks with the same importance in order to obtain the best possible results.

Our Company Applies Only High-Quality Products

MAB Timber Floors applies only top-quality products from such manufacturers as Polycure, Feast Watson, Loba and Toby. By doing so, we ensure a durable and attractive result with each job we perform for you and other clients. We also stay up to date with the latest innovations in techniques, equipment and protective coatings for our industry.

We Take Pride in Our Work

We strive with each job to provide the best possible finish. Our process comes last to other services in a renovation project so foot traffic does not damage our efforts. Crews from our company will come in and perform preliminary sanding to ensure a proper fit, and then we will return after all the other work is complete to perform the final sanding , polishing and finishing for the perfect results. After we finish our tasks, we clean up and haul off all debris.

Consult with our company if you are in the Melbourne or surrounding area the next time that you require our timber flooring or decking services. We will come to your location, analyse the situation, provide you with a free quote of services and guarantee our quality.