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Why It Is Essential to Use an Excellent Coating on Timber Floors?

Why It Is Essential to Use an Excellent Coating on Timber Floors?

Selecting an excellent coating for your new or existing timber floors is very important. Inferior coatings do not last and will quickly wear away, leaving your timber floors exposed and susceptible to damage. With quality coating, your timber floors will be protected. This is because the floor coating is designed to wear instead of the timber.

To have ultimate protection and drastically reduce the cost of maintenance, you need the correct coating for your timber floors. There are basically three types of coatings to choose from, each with their pros and cons. But the type of finish you need will depend on a few factors:

  • Aesthetic preferences
  • Projected maintenance
  • Amount of foot traffic
  • Health and safety issues

It is also important to note that there are numerous products for coating timber floors. Additionally, there are coatings for exterior wood floors. The three basic interior coatings for interior timber floors are water based, oil based and solvent based. Most solvent based coatings are composed of polyurethane.

Water Based

In the past, water based coatings were considered inferior to the popular solvent based products. However, advanced technologies have greatly improved water based coatings. As it turns out, water based finishes is one of the most popular coatings on the market. Today, water based coating is more resilient to scratches, staining and wear. It is used on both commercial and residential timber floors. Water based coatings are the ideal choice for chemically sensitive individuals because of it low toxicity levels and quick drying times.

Solvent based

Solvent based coatings are one of the most familiar interior timber floor finishes. Solvent based coatings are known for their outstanding resistance to everyday wear and tear, low maintenance and variety of finishes. For your timber floors, you can choose from matt, satin, full gloss or semi-gloss.

Oil Based

The oil based coating is quite popular because it has an eye-catching aesthetic appeal. The finish adds a nice shine and highlights the features of the natural wood. However, compared to other types of finishes, oil based coatings require more maintenance. Generally, systematic maintenance involves using a spirit based wax or metallised polish. The maintenance applications are most common with commercial floors and seldom residential.

Staining Timber Floors

Interior wood stains are a popular option for timber floors. The stains allow designers to choose the perfect colors to match their décor. As it happens, numerous selections of stains are available, making it easy to complement your style. There are also many variables when it comes to choosing the ideal stain color such as type of wood, pre-treatments and amount of stain used. In order to prevent possible damage to your timber floors, it is best to consult a specialist before applying stain. Even better, have a professional wood floor company stain the timber floors for you.

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